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Pursuit Groups

A Pursuit Group is a regular gathering of people engaged in this pursuit, with the primary purpose of helping each other develop and maintain an intimate conversation with God. The agenda is purposefully light and carefully protected:

  • “How is your relationship with God going?”
  • “What have you two been talking about?”

There’s no lesson to prepare; except the conversations with God you’ve been pursuing everyday. There’s no disciplined formula to follow; but we learn from each other about practices that help us maintain the pursuit. There’s usually no curriculum; except you and God and time together alone. Then we get together to share with each other about what God is doing.

Groups meet at various times, either weekly or bi-weekly. They are confidential (to encourage transparent sharing) and usually single-gender. These groups are specifically for those who are engaged in or honestly considering the pursuit.

If you might be interested in joining a Pursuit Group, please contact us.