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What is the Pursuit?

The Pursuit is based on the belief that an everyday, intimate relationship with God is the one essential and fundamental purpose of my life. So I make it my priority to seek intimacy with God, nurtured by regular, significant time in personal, private conversations with him, being careful to not be content with any of those “good things” which often serve as easy substitutes for intimacy:

  • Bible knowledge
  • ministry
  • fellowship
  • obedience
  • spiritual practices
  • church commitment
  • Christian values
  • a profession of faith

(Why do we call these "easy substitutes"?)

Instead, I realize that all these “good things” are intended to be the supernatural byproducts of my intimacy with God. My spiritual “activity” spills out as a joyful and willing response to him instead of a disciplined and dutiful responsibility I carry out for him.

Even that response is not something that I can produce by working hard on my spiritual development. Rather, it’s something that God does to me. What I must do, however (what God tells me to do) is to “seek” him with all my heart. In our way-too-busy, over-extended culture, that means that I must intentionally and persistently create significant space in my schedule (reserved, unhurried conversation time) for that seeking (pursuit) to take place.

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