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What Are You Looking For?

There are many things people might be looking for in a church: good friends, inspiring music, captivating teaching, practical help, or any number of special programs to enhance their lives or meet their needs.

Our belief is that church (in fact, every aspect of our life) is actually supposed to be about just one thing: Jesus. A close, personal friendship with him is the only thing that will truly satisfy our cravings. Eventually, we will find that everything else is temporary, disappointing, and deceptive.

So, we tenaciously set our focus on pursuing Jesus--seeking greater intimacy with him, surrendering our wishlist, trusting him to do for us whatever he chooses for us, and responding to his every direction.

No matter what you think you're looking for in a church, what you're really craving is Jesus. Whether you'd like to join us in this pursuit or even if you just want to ask some questions, we welcome you.

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