Special Announcements!

May 20th - July 15th: Joint Services w/ New Hope
We're having a summer series of joint services with Lee and the folks from New Hope Community Church. We'll be at our usual place and time. Just come and share in what that Lord has for us each week!

Current Series

Current Series

Jesus: The Rabbi

Now in the second year of his ministry, Jesus is predominantly in Galilee, teaching people about God and the kingdom. His many miracles confirm that the message is from God. But increasingly people are seeking his miracles instead of his message.

Click Here to listen online, download audio (MP3) or notes (PDF), to find previous series or other messages.

Serbia News

Serbia Ministry

News and updates

Serbia? Why Serbia? Find out more about our church's ministry focus.

The Pursuit

The Pursuit

What is it all about?

Jesus pursues us and we pursue Him! Would you like to know more?